Meet Author Lila Macaluso
    I'm delighted to be the author of Poker
    Face, An Airplane for Two, and the soon
    to be released Dearly Beloved, a new
    series featuring Maggie McMullen.

    I currently live in the coastal region of
    Texas with my the enduring spirit of my
    beloved dachshund Ghita and Gaby, my
    newly rescued and adorable mixed terrier.

    Holding advanced degrees in educational
    psychology and leadership, my varied
    career experiences include: teacher,
    counselor, founder and head of a private
    school for gifted learners, professional
    development trainer for Fortune 500
    companies, national educational
    consultant for the world’s largest textbook
    publisher, and now currently working with
    children with reading disabilities and
    writing novels.
    Words have always been an
    important part of my life. From the
    time I participated in school plays,
    debates, and poetry writing contests
    to enrolling in advanced creative
    writing (at my freshman English
    professor's request), I have loved the
    art of communicating.

    Although this is my first foray into
    writing lengthy fiction, I'm a seasoned
    professional writer in nonfiction,
    having been published in educational
    books and professional journals
    many times.
    As a Christian, I created
    characters who find strength
    through their faith. My stories
    are aimed at a general
    audience and liberally
    sprinkled with humor.
My background
My writing roots
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    I'd love to hear from you! Let me know what you think about my books, or give me
    an idea about what I should write next. Become a fan of the new character I'm
    creating, MAGGIE McMULLEN by becoming a member of MAGGIE'S MOB. You'll
    get special notices when the first book about her, Dearly Beloved, is published in the
    near future.
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