Who We Are
The Reading Lab, a division of Walston Speech Language & Reading
Clinic, Inc.,  is a specialized reading clinic that utilizes the latest brain
research and neuroscience designed software to accelerate and optimize
reading and learning performance - preparing students for a lifetime of
academic success.
Summer reading programs
After school reading clinic
Cognitive skill training for all types of learners, dyslexia, ADHD, high functioning
autism, ESL,struggling readers, and gifted/talented who need to train their brains to
work at top efficiency
For all grades, kindergarten -college
Offered in our clinic, at home, or on participating school or day care campuses
Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Child

Reading is the most important skill a person has to learn. It lays the foundation for all other academic
skills and a lack of competency in reading greatly inhibits success in life. Neuroscientists tell us that reading is one of the
most difficult skills we learn in a lifetime. This is because reading requires an extraordinarily high level of cognitive
functioning. Some children and adults have difficulty learning to read effectively because this type of cognitive
functioning is not equally distributed among the population.

Most programs do not target the underlying causes of reading difficulties. There are many excellent
school and private tutoring programs available for students who are cognitively able to accept the instruction and
intervention being offered. But most struggling readers do not have the foundational neural connections and prerequisite
language skills to become effective readers. Therefore, children may learn to compensate for poor language and reading
development, but the problem doesn't go away.

Tutoring and extra reading instruction are ineffective strategies for overcoming these reading/learning issues. They are
like pumping air into a leaking tire, temporary fixes at  best that do not address the causes of struggling reading or
dyslexia in children.

Our program is cognitive brain training that tackles the root causes. It is a program series that starts
by strengthening cognitive skills at the bottom of the pyramid, and then works up:

    1. Build cognitive foundation. Most struggling readers first need help with phonological
    awareness, and other crucial cognitive skills. This is the starting point for all students.

    2. Develop reading fluency. We then provide exercises to help spelling, vocabulary and
    language structure, common difficulties for struggling readers.

    3. Improve reading comprehension. Our  software helps all types of learners to routinely
    think while reading and to read accurately -- often undoing prior bad habits such as word
    skipping. We also build vocabulary knowledge and grammar skills, required for reading

    4. Achieve critical reading ability (middle school and up). The final step is reading with
    metacognition, the ability to think about what you are reading -- to self-adjust, make
    inferences and think critically.

The training courses we offer can be used as an individualized learning accelerator for students performing at or above
grade level, or as a reading intervention program meeting the individual needs and challenges of struggling readers,
English language learners, or anyone needing to develop or strengthen the cognitive skills of:

  • Memory—working, short-term, and long-term memory which are essential for word recognition, comprehension,
    remembering instructions

  • Attention—the ability to focus on information and tasks while ignoring distractions

  • Auditory & Visual Processing—the rate and accuracy at which we are able to process incoming information.

  • Sequencing—the ability to determine the order of letters within words or words within sentences, or events within

Students who attend
The Reading Lab are given the advantage of becoming successful and confident readers and
learners. They are also developing increased working memory, attention, auditory and cognitive processing, and
sequencing skills - those areas of the brain that are critical to the learning process and are essential to all curricular
areas. Students receive  individualized foundational language and reading training in a small group setting. Each student
receives one-on-one attention from a highly trained specialist - personally trained by the neuroscientists who developed
the programs being used at the clinic - whether they train at the Lab or remotely off-site at home.

There's no greater fulfillment for parents than knowing we've helped our children reach their academic potential and in
watching their self-esteem go from struggling or failure to happy, confident, successful learners. We watch this miracle
happen at The Reading Lab almost every day.
Optimising learning through neuroscience...with reading at the heart of everything we do!
The Reading Lab
A Division of Walston Speech Language & Reading Clinic, Inc.
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