The Reading Lab
A Division of Walston Speech Language & Reading Clinic, Inc.
Optimising learning through neuroscience...with reading at the heart of everything we do!
Who We Are
The Reading Lab, a division of Walston Speech Language & Reading
Clinic, Inc.,  is a specialized reading clinic that utilizes proven tutoring
techniques and the latest brain research and neuroscience designed software
to accelerate and optimize reading and learning performance - preparing
students for a lifetime of academic success.
Since 2005, specializing in cognitive and reading skill training for all types of learners,
Dyslexia and other reading difficulties
Auditory processing disorders
Language difficulties/delays
Attention Deficit Disorder
Autism spectrum disorders
Executive functioning
High functioning autism
English language development
And gifted/talented who need to train their brains to work at top efficiency

Training options offered by The Reading Lab:
In our NASA/Clear Lake clinic;
At home on you own computer;
Or on participating school or day care campuses.
Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Child
Reading is the most important skill a person has to learn. It lays the foundation for all other academic
skills and a lack of competency in reading greatly inhibits success in life. Neuroscientists tell us that reading
is one of the most difficult skills we learn in a lifetime.
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Founder/Executive Director,
Lila Macaluso
frequent presenter at national
professional conferences