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The Reading Lab
A Division of Walston Speech Language & Reading Clinic, Inc.
Who We Are & How We're Different Levels of Training Offered Is My Child a Candidate? Getting Started Is Easy
Thank you for your interest in the programs at The Reading Lab.

Did you know that the cost of your child's tuition may be tax deductible
as a medical expense?
According to IRS Publication 502, if your child's doctor
recommends special tutoring or training by a qualified provider, the cost of tuition
is tax deductible. Consult IRS Publication 502 (Medical and Dental Expenses) for
the current tax year for details.

Please use the form below to learn about our nationally recognized and
scientifically validated services. A confirmation will be sent to your email address.
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Remember - traditional tutoring won't help.
Only getting down to the source of the issue will produce the desired results.
And franchises that claim to offer similar training can't match the personalized,
professional foundational cognitive skill training found at The Reading Lab
for a fraction of the cost
Contact and History Information
Parent's First Name
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Street Address
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Student's Current or most recent
grade level
Student's Full Name
How did you hear about The Reading Lab?
Tell us about your child's reading or learning issues.
When did you first notice the problem?
What is or has the school done to help?
Include testing and/or special services.
What else have you tried to get help? What
were the results?
What prompted you to seek our help now?
Student Behavioral Survey
Struggles with homework assignments
Difficulty remembering
Poor reading comprehension
Poor spelling or word attack skills
Difficulty following directions
Lacks self-confidence or interest in reading.
Falling behind in grade level
Rhyming difficulty
History of speech or language issues
Needs lots of help, cannot work
Easily frustrated when handling
complex tasks
Doing well in school, needs a competitive
learning or performance edge
Free Online Educational Assessment
($200 Value)
Once enrolled, all new students receive an online
reading/phonics skills assessment. While brief
assessments cannot answer all of the questions about
your child, it can give us insights into reading challenges
fairly quickly.

This information, coupled with the BEHAVIORAL SURVEY
below allows The Reading Lab to structure the best
program for your child.
  1. First complete the information about you and
    your child.
  2. Then complete the Behavioral Survey and
    submit both to us.
  3. Once we receive your information and the
    Survey, we will contact you to set up a phone
    conference to provide expert advice on how to
    get started.
The Reading Lab
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