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Children who are not reading at grade level are more likely to struggle in all of their academic
subjects, year after year. Students who are not proficient readers by 3rd grade are four time more
likely to drop out in high school than proficient readers. With 2 out of 3 students reading below
grade level, we are in the midst of a reading crisis.

Reading requires an extraordinarily high level of cognitive functioning. Some children and adults have
difficulty learning
to read effectively because one or more underlying cognitive skills may be weak.

At THE READING LAB, we use programs that go deeper than other reading programs and target the
root causes of reading struggles in the brain. This training builds stronger readers and lifelong learners
by simultaneously strengthening reading skills and their underlying cognitive skills. This strong
foundation sets the stage for success in other subject areas and for continued growth even after
completing the training program.

We understand how people learn new things and acquire new skills. It's about brain plasticity, the
brain's ability to reorganize itself in response to new experiences.  Our expertise is based on more than
30 years of scientific research into how the brain learns.
We know that learning is strongest when certain conditions are met:

  • Critical tasks are practiced at an appropriate frequency and intensity.
  • Practice takes place at the right skill level for the individual student—a skill level that
    continuously adapts to keep
    the student challenged, but not frustrated.
  • Multiple skills are “cross-trained” at the same time for lasting improvement.
  • Rewards build as a student progresses, maximizing motivation.
  • The learning environment feels “safe,” so students are encouraged to take risks.
  • The content is age appropriate and engaging.

The research scientists who developed our programs are experts in the fields of education and
neuroscience; brain plasticity; auditory, developmental language, and reading impairments; psychology;
behavioral algorithms; and multimedia technology.
We combine their scientific expertise with innovative and effective technologies to provide three levels
of training programs that exercise students’ brains and accelerate learning.

And we’re passionate about it.

The Cognitive Skill Training Program
Accelerates Reading & Learning

programs are radically different, award-winning online reading interventions that build and
strengthen the foundational skills essential to learning success: phonemic awareness, language usage,
working memory, focused attention, processing accuracy and speed, and sequencing.

Cognitive Skill Training does what no other intervention can do. It begins with essential cognitive
skills, such as memory, attention, and processing speed, and works from the bottom up, using the
principles of neuroplasticity. This program is designed to remediate the underlying difficulties that keep
struggling readers and English Language learners from making progress.

There's no greater fulfillment for parents than knowing we've helped our children reach their
academic potential and in watching their self-esteem go from struggling or failure to happy,
confident, successful learners. We watch this miracle happen at The Reading Lab almost every
day. Below is just one example....
Who We Are & How We're Different Levels of Training Offered Is My Child a Candidate? Getting Started Is Easy

    " I was recommended to The Reading Lab by my pediatrician and
    reading, writing and math in 4th grade.  After researching
    several options of traditional tutoring and the science behind The
    Reading Lab's methodology, I determined that The Reading Lab
    was the best fit for my son.  My initial meeting was in her lab
    and she very transparent with the process and program she used.

    My son has worked with Mrs. Macaluso for a year now.  He is
    no longer struggling with reading, writing and math.  In 4th
    grade he struggled with the STARR test. This year he did well.
    The smile on his face after hearing those results was priceless.
    He knows that it was attributed to the work he put in at The
    Reading Lab this past year. Watching my son go from a
    struggling student to a confident, successful one has been such a

    The program also worked well for our family...
about this parent's story...