The Reading Lab
A Division of Walston Speech Language & Reading Clinic, Inc.
Programs & Services Offered at The Reading Lab
Who We Are & How We're Different Levels of Training Offered Is My Child a Candidate? Getting Started Is Easy
The Reading Lab Offers 3 Levels of Intervention &
Tutoring to Accelerate Learning

Founded in 2005 by Executive Director, Lila Macaluso, programs at The Reading Lab develop
the cognitive skills and/or phonetic awareness essential for learning and reading success. We
start by laying a solid foundation of critical cognitive skills, then provide reading skill
assistance, and finally offer direct, personalized tutoring services to strengthen these skills.

Level 1: Fast ForWord Cognitive & Learning Skill Training
These foundational programs are different from other interventions because they strengthen the
key pathways in the brain that help students learn, so that they can
pay closer attention to their
teachers or college instructors, absorb information faster, and remember what is taught.

On average, participants can gain 1 – 2 years of reading skills in 12-14 weeks of regular,
consistent use. Students can work either at home, on their own school or day care center
campus, or at our clinic.  Those who work off-site at home or on campus are closely monitored
via the Internet by the Lab Staff and make the same outstanding gains as students who train on-
site at the clinic.
(Click here for more details on the Cognitive Skill Training programs...)
Are there programs that can be used at any Level of Training?

For an additional fee, we also offer:
  • The Listening Program, (TLP), a music-based auditory stimulation method that provides engaging brain
    stimulation to improve performance in school, work and life. (More...)
  • BrainWare SAFARI, boosting visual/auditory processing and problem solving skills (More...)

All of these additional programs were selected because of their solid research base and proven
Level 2: Reading Skill, Comprehension & Fluency Training
This level reinforces the cognitive and learning skill training begun in Level I, while
transitioning into basic reading skills, comprehension, and oral reading fluency tutoring.

Only students who have satisfactorily completed Level I Training may enroll. Most parents have
their children continue with this in-depth level of training either immediately following Level I
or after a break and returning the following year.

Programs Offered at Level 2:
Level 3: Direct Clinical Supervison
Some students progress better in a clinical setting rather than working at home, and if they live
close enough to our office they may do their Core Cognitive Skill Training on-site at The
Reading Lab.

Additional Programs Offered at Level 3:
We also offer advanced training programs for students who are at or above level in achievement
as determined by skills assessment.

Level 3 training must be done in the clinic.
Rigorous Learning for Fast and
Lasting Gains
Effective learning is not just engaging -
it's rigorous. Students need sustained,
repeated practice to make reading gains
efficiently and permanently, much like
practicing at the batting cage. Our
programs provide seven times as many
trials as leading competitors do, ensuring
maximum impact on your child's learning.