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LEVEL 3: ADVANCED READING - After Building Cognitive Skills, Turn on the AFTER Burner!
This advanced reading program is designed for students at all upper grade
levels, as well as adults.  The amount of improvement varies from person to
person; however, with diligent use this program allows most people to double
and even to triple their reading speeds while maintaining or improving their
comprehension.  It will help them increase both their reading speed and overall
comprehension and recall of what is read.

After completing the course, many participants have doubled or even tripled
their effective reading rates. In general, students who are struggling with
reading will need to complete the Cognitive Skill Builder training prior to
enrolling in this program.

The purpose of this course is to help students advance in our fast-paced
information age – where the ability to read and understand a vast amount of
information quickly is essential to success.

In this course, participants will:
  • Determine their effective reading rate (speed x comprehension);
  • Practice exercises designed to eliminate poor reading habits that
    interfere with effective reading;
  • Do drills and training exercises that will increase reading speed while
    forcing the brain to reduce these ineffective habits;
  • And, monitor their comprehension and effective reading rate progress
    by a series of tests given daily.

  • Improves students' reading speed, fluency, and comprehension.
  • Assesses students' reading level.
  • Paces eye movement using tachistoscope technology.
  • Provides easy automated courses that include tests, drills, and fun games.
  • Helps students in all grade levels from elementary school to college prep
    and higher education.
  • Allows the Lab to easily track students' progress.
  • Allows the Lab to customize content with readability formulas.
  • Builds on research-based techniques that work.
  • Receives numerous industry awards and honors.

This Advanced Reading Program by Stepware is a software program that promotes
effective reading habits in students with a wide variety of special needs. An effective
assistive technology tool, it is also known as a Productivity or Self-Improvement
Educational Reading Tool; Reading Improvement and Assessment Software; Reading
Fluency Software; Vision Training Software; and Speed Reading Software.

The Educational Research Institute of America (ERIA) reviewed four independent studies
of the Stepware program to determine if the results provided valid evidence of its
instructional effectiveness. While using different age groups and training levels, each of the
studies provided evidence that:

The Advanced Reading program increased both users' reading rate and their
The program elicited a positive response in all test groups.
The program proved both easy and enjoyable to use.

The studies documented improvements with students at the elementary through the adult levels, as well as at a variety of ability levels. Perhaps most impressive was that the
students' scores exceeded expected gains in both the experimental groups and the general
school populations.