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LEVEL 1: Cognitive Skill Training
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Auditory processing can have adverse repercussions on an individual's cognitive skills and
academic performance. But now an exciting and effective group of programs are actively
helping individuals improve their quality of life by strengthening and enhancing their
language and auditory processing.

Cognitive Skill Training developed by Scientific Learning, reading intervention
programs build a wide range of critical cognitive and foundational reading skills in just a
few short weeks. Working with this software produces a positive and lasting effect on a
student's ability to learn and read proficiently. Our software, used by 2+ million students
in schools and clinics in 42 countries, improves learning confidence, language, reading and
thinking skills.

The training can be provided in our Lab or off-site (remotely). Outcomes are the same
whether students training our Lab or off-site.
These award winning exercises for the language-learning or reading impaired are the
culmination of 30 years of research surrounding brain plasticity (the scientific principle
that the brain never ceases to learn). These programs are a revolutionary proven approach
to rapidly building the skills necessary for language competence.

Who can benefit from Cognitive Skill Training?
Virtually everyone that uses these programs, within the rigorous and compliant regimen
outlined, will receive measurable benefits.
There are two Core Courses in this reading and language improvement
series.  Both are required for all new students and may be taken
concurrently or at
For students who have difficulties with any foundational cognitive issue
such as memory, attention, processing speed or accuracy, and/or
sequencing, they both are required, but may be taken together as a unit or
separately, spread out over the academic year. The two Core Programs in
Level 1: Cognitive Skill Training  may be taken one at time, or at the same

    Elementary: Foundations I & II. These programs are the
    Core  Courses for elementary age children. They are interactive
    programs (in the form of computer games) which are uniquely
    adaptive and automatically adjust to each child's improving level of
    competence. The exercises in Foundations II build upon the skills
    learned in the first course and target skills required for reading. It
    refines the skills perfected by Language and improves phonological
    awareness, sound letter correspondence, word recognition, listening
    comprehension, verbal fluency, and reading fluency. Additionally, the
    program is used for the enhancement of spelling, reading, and
    comprehension. These programs not only expand the language and
    cognitive skills, but also introduce new skills, by building on the
    acquired processed speech skills.

    Secondary: Elements I & II. These training programs are  
    the Core Courses for older children and adults and include exercises in
    listening and reading comprehension, working memory, syntax and
    grammar, critical thinking, sustained and focused attention,
    organizational skills, and vocabulary and morphology, Like
    Foundations for elementary students, these programs are uniquely
    adaptive and automatically adjust to each person's improving level of
Cognitive Skill