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BrainWare Safari
In some cases, particularly where there is evidence of cognitive impediments to reading not related to auditory processing —
such as visual processing, attention issues related to sensory integration issues, longer term retention issues — The Reading
Lab will add
BrainWare Safari into a student’s cognitive skills training protocol -- for students aged 9-18 years of

The Reading Lab  provides BrainWare Safari with professional direction and oversight, unavailable with other home
versions of this popular program
. It was added to our comprehensive array of program offerings to help our students
reinforce the cognitive skills begun with the required Cognitive Skill Builder Program and to add more visual processing  and
thinking skills to the mix. Our students typically work on home computers (web access required) for 3-5 days a week, 30-45
minutes a day, for 10-12 weeks or in the Lab.

BrainWare Origins
BrainWare incorporates models of brain function that originate in work published in 1949 by Dr. Donald Hebb of McGill
University.  Skills build in a learning pyramid, in which basic skills enable higher-order skills to develop. If any fundamental
skills are missing or deficient, more advanced skills cannot Develop the exercises incorporate the current scientific
understanding of brain function to improve basic cognitive skills have been used by learning clinicians in one-on-one
therapies -- often using paper and pencil -- for decades.  Over time, various clinicians gradually assembled and integrated
different regimens of exercises that provided measurable improvement in cognitive skills. Safari has converted these
exercises into a  compelling, interactive digital format.

How It Works
BrainWare Safari develops 41 essential cognitive skills related to attention, memory, processing and sensory integration. The
exercises place repetitive demands on deficient functions and present increasing levels of difficulty.  Demands are placed in
an integrated approach referred to as “cognitive loading.”  This approach drives skills more quickly to an automatic,
subconscious level of processing.

Cognitive Skills Targeted by BrainWare Safari
Exercises that incorporate the current scientific understanding of brain function to improve basic cognitive skills have been
used by clinicians in one-on-one therapies for decades.   BrainWare Safari develops 41 cognitive skills, considered the most
critical for fast and effective learning. BrainWare's’s exercises place repetitive demands on deficient functions and present
increasing levels of difficulty.  Demands are placed in an integrated approach referred to as “cognitive loading” -- forcing the
brain to automate a function, do it subconsciously when confronted with two simultaneous tasks.  This approach drives
skills more quickly to an automatic, subconscious level of processing.

The 41 cognitive skills developed by BrainWare are in these broad categories:

    Attention Skills Helped
    •  Sustained Attention -- staying engaged.
    •  Selective Attention -- ability to avoid distractions.
    •  Divided Attention -- the ability to focus on two skills at
       once, such as listening to the teacher and writing down
    Visual Processing Help
    •   Visual Discrimination and Processing Speed
    •   Visual Sequential Processing
    •   Visualization, Figure Ground, Span, Directionality
    Auditory Processing Skills
    •   Auditory Discrimination and Processing Speed
    •   Auditory Sequential Processing
    •  Hand to eye integration -- for writing
    •  Auditory-motor and auditory-visual integration
    Memory Skills
    • Short-Term and Working Memory
    • Visual Spatial Memory
    • Long-Term Memory
    • Sequential Memory
    Thinking Skills
    • Logic and Reasoning
    • Planning and Conceptual Thinking
    • Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking
    • Decision Speed

Here are some of the benefits from BrainWare Safari as reported by parents and educators:
Improved attention span and focus
    Attention stamina is a learned skill in BrainWare Safari.  By helping the brain to do subconsciously what previously
    required concentration and effort, BrainWare Safari helps make staying engaged less exhausting and therefore easier to
Improved focus
    Being able to avoid distractions and stay on task is an increasingly important learning skill as your child progresses
    through the grades.  Learning how to tune out so-called "distractors" is a major exercise theme in Safari. Improved
    cognitive skills that school-work more interesting and less exhausting, also helps focus and the ability to stay engaged.
Faster and more accurate task completion
    Faster processing, better retention (reducing the need for repetition) and improved focus skills combine to improve
    learning productivity, another major target area of this learning software.
Increased retention of learned materials
    BrainWare Safari improves visual and auditory processing to improve the quantity and accuracy of information taken
    in, either in class or when reading, and it strengthens all the memory skills required to store this information.
More positive overall attitude to learning and life
    Students tend to feel better about themselves, that they are performing close to their potential.  It's a positive
    development that generally leads to a more confident and positive learner. Each individual starts with different
    strengths and weaknesses in cognitive skills.  As cognitive skills are not the only factors that can impact behaviors such
    as the above; individual experiences and results will vary.

Who Can Benefit From BrainWare Safari
BrainWare Safari is a ground-breaking software that works on a wide range of cognitive skills providing many opportunities
to help children. Here are some examples of students who benefit from BrainWare Safari:
Slow worker
    Many students spend much too much time on their homework and other studies.  They are often also slow test takers.
    While Level 1 Cognitive Skill Builder is a better choice if slow reading or having to constantly re-read for reading
    comprehension, BrainWare Safari improves retention the first time through, processing speed and efficiency, focus
    and logic, and all critical to good homework productivity.
Lack of Focus -- Easily Distracted
    BrainWare Safari helps students avoid distraction with specific exercises that include distractors -- to this extent, focus
    is a learned skill.  But it goes beyond this, by improving processing speed and retention skills so that students find the
    material more manageable and interesting, thereby holding their interest without the normal exhaustion.
Poor Organization Skills
    Being organized requires an integrated intellect.  If you struggle to pull things together in your head, it is hard to be
    organized outside it.  Safari's memory and attention skills dramatically improve organizations skills also.
Visual Processing Issues
    A small number of children have eye tracking, peripheral vision and other visual processing issues that impede their
    development as readers.  BrainWare Safari has a large number of visual processing exercises.
Grades Not Matching Intellect
    Test taking skills are learning skills.  To do well on a test you need to process efficiently, stay on task, retain what you
    are reading the first time, and have decent long term memory for fact recall.  BrainWare Safari addresses all of these
Weak Memory
    "It goes in one ear and out the other!"   There are lots of reasons for this.  It could be a data capture problem  -- the
    student cannot process fast enough to take the information in accurately.  Or it could be a retention issue -- one
    captured it is not held.  BrainWare Safari devotes a large portion of its exercise time to these two functions.

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