Here are a few of the many testimonials from parents...
    "Prior to enrolling our child with The Reading Lab we tried other types
    of tutoring. After a few short weeks at the Lab, our child not only
    grew in reading skills, her self-esteem also improved tremendously.
    She now volunteers to read aloud in class - something that she never
    would do before. Her phonological skills changed from 2% to 95%, and
    her reading scores went from significantly below age level to above age
    level expectations on nationally normed tests. We highly recommend
    The Reading Lab to any parent wanting to give his or her child the
    best advantage in learning to read effectively and with confidence."
      - Marc & Cheryl Schneider

    "I decided to not let the school retain my son last year, even though
    he was significantly below expected reading performance and diagnosed
    ADHD. Instead, I enrolled him in The Reading Lab this fall. Although
    I was dreading to receive his first report card, I am thrilled to
    report that he received all A's and B's !"
    - Leah Sikes

    "Our child is staying on task and getting things done. He is doing well
    in school and staying focused with less effort....Since beginning The
    Listening Program at The Reading Lab his Occupational Therapist has
    expressed increased praise about his abilities there ... Her true belief
    that his vast improvement over a short period of time is due in large
    part to TLP training."
    - Jason & Natalie Thiverge

    " Hi Ms Macaluso, I have been wanting to get in touch to update you
    on Jade's achievements. She is promoted to 7th grade and got an
    award for getting A's and B's for grades, and she did great on her
    TAKS. For reading, she almost reached the commended line (missed by
    5 points) and in math she missed by only 8 points. She has really
    improved a lot this year. I cannot thank you enough for your help in
    Jade's achievements. I really believe that The Reading Lab has helped
    her a lot. She is more confident now, independent in doing her
    homework, and she actually applied for the higher level orchestra for
    7th grade. She is so proud of herself and wants to thank you and let
    you know that you have been a great instrument to her success.
    Thanks again and we'll keep in touch."
    - Monina Tubat (one year after completing training)

    "Justin enjoyed the program so much that it was difficult to get him
    to leave at the end of class. He loved coming here!"
      - Traci Lewis

    “After four years of preschool, a year and a half of elementary
    school, and a full year of different tutoring programs, our daughter
    was still unable to associate sounds with letters, much less put them
    together to sound out words or read a full sentence. Now, thanks to
    The Reading Lab, she gets it! She’s finally able to read basic books
    and has a good foundation to build upon. We are grateful to The
    Reading Lab for making this possible when nothing else worked. If only
    we’d found The Reading Lab a year and several thousand dollars
       - Heidi Clark

    "This program helps my daughter with her listening comprehension and
    reading skills. She has improved 100%!"
      - Lan Dang, parent of a high schooler.

"My daughter was struggling in school with keeping up to speed during
regular class time and we were frustrated at home trying to take the
extra time she needed in order to go through or over the lessons of the
day for her to be successful on her tests and be able to complete
homework assignments independently. It truly was a nightmare as we
watched progress report after progress report her grades drop. We also
as parents were at our wits end and her attitude towards school became
disengaged. We reached out to Ms. Macaluso to evaluate and test our
child's reading comprehension and she noted several areas of weaknesses.
We were able to get the necessary supplemental computer work set up at
home, the lessons were individualized to her weak areas with scoring
reviewed weekly on progress and they only took an extra 40 minutes a night
added to complete. My daughter enjoyed them and especially like going over
her progress as she got better and better with each assignment. I was
also grateful for Ms. Macaluso who was willing and able with her knowledge
and connections within this field, taking the time to put us in touch with the
education department at University of Houston Clear Lake for further
testing on areas she could not help with. In the end, we were able to
understand better our child's needs as a student and get her the necessary
help at home and school to be successful. She is currently loving school and
succeeding in AP classes."  - Amanda Brown

"My family sponsored a young man from the Caribbean.  When we enrolled
him in school as a 7th grader, we discovered he was reading on a 3rd grade
level.  The only help at school we received for Marvin was ESL classes.  
The school recommended a few reading programs in the area. We met with
Mrs. Macaluso and her Reading Lab program made so much sense, especially
all the research of proven successes with student learning.    What a
blessing!  Marvin was tested extensively and was deficient in so many areas
of reading, especially comprehension, due to his lack of understanding
English words.  In ONE school year,Marvin was reading on 6th grade level,
making A's and B's in all classes.  The curriculum Mrs. Macaluso uses with
all students, not only Marvin, excelerates the cognitive areas of the brain.  
Mrs. Macaluso was always on top of all of Marvin's lessons, tutoring, and
constantly checking his process.  We also enrolled Marvin for the Summer
Sessions, because we did not want him to fall behind.  Marvin is on grade
level now and we get glowing reports from his teachers and coaches at
school.  Marvin always tells people, "Miss Lila believed I could do it and I
did it"!!  Thank you, Miss Lila."  - Norma Galkowski and famil
Results are More Than Outstanding Test Scores
While studies show that new neural pathways are always created by brain
training, how this rewiring translates into academic gain will vary — how
much change, and how quickly — depending on IQ, personality traits, and
other variables unique to your child.  Our students on average see 1.5 to 2.75
years of reading gain during their 4-6 months with us, based on Gray Oral
Reading Test (GORT-4) and Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIATT-II)
Reading Subtests.

Even more compelling, post-testing suggests an equivalent additional gain a
year after completion, as previously held back higher level skills kick in. This
effectively doubles the total gain from our program.
" I know it's my birthday, but one more minute, Mom, I really
need to beat my score - I'm really on a roll!"  "This is WAY
fun!" "Look, Mrs. Mac, I can do it!"  "My teacher says she
loves my reading now, thanks, Mrs. M"  "I made the A-B
Honor Roll in the regular class."  "I've been accepted into
the gifted program at school for next year."  "This is hard
work, but it's fun."  "I love summer camp because the games
are fun and we get to listen to classical music between
exercises. Mrs. Mac gives us 'Smarties' and extra points for
doing good work. Everyone should come to this camp!"
Does it work?
What kids have to say...
The Reading Lab
A Division of Walston Speech Language & Reading Clinic, Inc.
Who We Are & How We're Different Levels of Training Offered Is My Child a Candidate? Getting Started Is Easy
"This was a God send!  Our son was not doing well at all in
school and Lila's advanced methods helped our son to keep up
with his classmates. After the Reading Lab program, we saw
such an improvement overall in both his reading skills,
interpretation and overall performance!  Thank you, Lila!"
- Ellie Hethcox

"Just 8 weeks into the program I began to notice subtle
differences in our son. He was finally beginning to understand
abstract concepts and remember things. His resource teacher
reported that he moved up one level above the other children
in his reading group. And his homeroom teacher began to give
my child the same spelling words as the rest of his classmates
because her expectations of his abilities have finally
increased. The end of the 10th week of training brought
about the best change we have seen as of yet. My child came
home from school, very confidently tossed his backpack to the
side, and said to me with the cutest smirk on his face, 'I had
the greatest reading day ever. I read to my teacher so good
that it made her smile all day!' He absolutely loves the
program and can't wait to begin his summer sessions. We are
equally as anxious and excited to see what the next step in
this amazing program will bring into our lives. The greatest
gift in the world is for your child to read to you. When my
child could not read, his abilities in every other realm of his
life suffered. He lost self-confidence, became self-conscious
and his other school work suffered. His personality is slowly
changing and he is gaining that self confidence he needs. We
are very grateful that we have found a program that works,
because believe me, we have tried them all !!! "    
- Tiphanie Justice
              Parent Satisfaction Survey:

"Her reading comprehension and short term memory has improved
significantly which in turn has narrowed the gap she had prior to coming with
her skills and performance in school as compared to others in her grade
level. She is happy to attend school again and rises to meet the new
expectations and challenges rather than have fear or anxiety about what her
performance will be."

"Seems to enjoy reading more."

"Somehow the program programs the brain to work more efficiently. My
daughter says it changed her life. Ms. Mac is amazing, loving and
encouraging to the kids and they love her. I would highly recommend her
services to both slow kids and gifted kids."

"She is more confident in herself. "

"She made tremendous growth in her reading skills. She was a couple of
years behind her grade level when she started in the summer of 5th grade.
My daughter currently is taking AP English and she will be going into the 9th
grade, she is a straight A and B student. This would have not been possible
if we haven't enrolled my daughter in this program!!"

"Increased confidence in reading"

"My daughter went from barely reading to becoming an avid reader. Her
math skills and short-term memory problems also improved. It took awhile
but it was so worth it. Ms. Mac is awesome!!!!"

"My child scored in the average range in the pre-assessment and in the
post-training scored in the high average to superior range. We were referred
to The Reading Lab for a diagnosis of APD. I noticed that there's been a
decrease in confusing similar sounding words and an improvement in
following directions. My child still has some difficulties related to APD, but
most of the issues have decreased quite a bit. Our household is more
peaceful now."
Preston's mom credits The
Reading Lab for helping her son
reach academic success. He is
now a senior with good grades and
just finished the book
The Maze
for his Literary Genres
class.  "I believe the programs he
used with you were a tremendous

Preston graduated in May from
SummerCreek high school.  He
plays xylophone in the band and as
of 18 months ago no longer takes
any meds for his autism / ADHD