Meeting with Mrs. Mac, 1 day a week in the lab so that she is able to see his
    progress, as well as, being able to complete in home programs allowed my son to
    progress nicely.  It was nice to be able to fit the in home program to our busy
    schedule.  My son did not feel overwhelmed by the work at all.  Actually, he
    enjoyed several of the modules and didn't view it as learning.  She was also in
    communication weekly with his progress and areas of struggle.  This was very
    helpful because I was able to share her reports with my son's teachers so that
    everyone was on the same page to help him succeed.

    My 2 sons completed the summer program at The Reading Lab.  It was helpful for
    my youngest son to continue to progress.  My oldest, who has had academic
    success, went through the program as well.  It helped him in his reading speed
    and comprehension.

    A year ago, I was a stressed out mom worried for my son's success in school.  I
    am so grateful to Mrs. Mac for the love and patience she showed when my
    concerns felt overwhelming.  Continually, she told me to trust the process.  Well,
    a year later she was right!  She is my son's biggest cheerleader which made the
    process so much easier.  She loves her kids and they love her.

    I highly recommend her and the programs she uses.  I spoke with several parents
    who's children were in the program.  They had all been going to her for several
    months up to a year or more.  If you look at the science closely, which she
    provides readily, you will see that it is more than a "video game".  

    I attribute my son's INCREASE in scores and grades to The Reading Lab!  
    Thank you Mrs. Mac!"   

    Charidy Kyslinger, League City, TX
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